Massachusetts Hoisting License
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Massachusetts Hoisting License - Hoist License Training at Your Convenience! 99% Pass Rate. If you don't pass come again - FREE!!

Classroom Training to get a Hoist/Hydraulic License Located in Convenient Locations


 We offer a complete ONE DAY training program to help you prepare for the State License Exam. If you operate equipment in Massachusetts that can raise 10+ feet: Plus (1) lift 500 pounds or more, or hold over 1/4 yard of material, you must be licensed.

Our classes are offered monthly in nine different convenient locations, TAKE THIS CLASS - YOU WILL PASS! 

Click Here!  to see our entire class schedule or click on a location and see the class dates at the individual locations.

Also Offered - Continuing Education Courses for renewal

The Massachusetts Department of Safety (DPS) has approved us for all licenses
Companies can:
1. Train online:  Educated Operator 
2. Train to renew in person: Mass Hoisting Renewal

 Save Money - Save Time - Become Compliant

Call today and let us show you how easy it can be! 508-212-4735

Telephone: 508-212-4735