Please be advised: Only the state can give you the Hoisting License Test

We are approved by Massachusetts Department of Public Safety: Educated Operator #0000028.
State DPS phone number for answers to state questions:   617-727-3200
What do your classes train me for?
Massachusetts Hoisting License trains you to pass two state tests - the 2A & 1C. We help you apply for the state test during class. We DO NOT give you the official test, the state tests you in one of their five locations. 
How much are your Hoisting License classes?
$249 for the 2A/1C class. They run from 8a - 12p
The 2A/1B is $325. This class is from 8A - 2p
Where are your Hoisting License Test Prep Classes held?
We hold classes in 4 convenient locations:
  • Falmouth, MA
  • Mansfield, MA
  • Revere, MA
  • Worcester, MA 
 Do you give out materials in Class?
Yes, exactly what is seen in class you take home in a workbook.
 Where will I take my test?
They will pick the location closest to you to test at. 
I see the state tests at the end of each month. I'd like to test this month.
You can't pick the date or location. Send in the application we provide  you in class and the state will pick your date and location.
I let my license expire. Do I have to take the test again?
If your license expired more than a year ago, yes, you'll have to re-take the test.
I want to operate a                 
The 2A Hoisting License covers all excavation equipment. You automatically get the 2B, 2C, & 2D with your 2A, so why not get the best? It's no harder or more expensive!
Why do I need the 1C Hoisting License?
If you put a chain on a bucket or after market forks, you need it. The 1C Hoisting License also covers Forklifts, Rough Terrain Forklifts and Knuckleboom Cranes (NO Rope are covered). It's a very good combo to get.
What's the difference in 2A/1C and 2A/1B?
The 1B Hoisting License covers Telescopic Cranes with wire rope (cable).
I don't read, speak or write English.
The Hoisting License tests are only given in English.

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